in action
People often try to change
the world only with nice
words and kind intentions.
But not a single word has
power without action –
action that physically
changes the world.

It’s time for goodness in action –
goodness which changes the world
to the better by big and small, but
always concrete deeds.
I invite you to join the whole range
of fantastic projects that step by
step can make this world more
comfortable, safer and more beautiful.
It’s never late to begin.
If you start right now.

In 2004 she graduated in Minsk
from the Linguistic University
as teacher of foreign literature
(English and American) with
a Bachelor of Linguistics.
She speaks Russian, English,
German, and studying French
and Arabic.
In 2005 she graduated with
a diploma of radio and
TV-presenter at MITRO Radio
and Television Institute
in Moscow. And she started as
an editor of special projects on
the First Federal Channel
of Russia.



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